About Us


Warriors Never Give Up is a God inspired VOLUNTEER non-profit organization offering outdoor adventures for combat, deployed, or service connected disabled veterans.

Warriors Never Give Up began by utilizing our passion for the outdoors to serve our nation’s heroes, but God called us to step out of our comfort zone to do so much more. Our intention of this organization and its outdoor adventures is and always has been to provide a place of relaxation, hope, family, and a break from life’s daily struggles. However, along the journey, we soon realized that a bigger piece of God’s intention was missing. Throughout the transformation of this awesome and amazing journey, it became obvious that God’s calling was not only providing a place of mental and physical healing, but also a place of spiritual healing. We take pride in our mission of touching the lives of each and every volunteer or participant knowing that our chief sponsor, God, is in control. The hunt brings us together, but the Spirit changes the lives of our participants when we least expect it. We are dedicated to changing the lives of our nations heroes one outdoor adventure at a time.


Hello Brett, I would like to express my appreciation for what Warriors Never Give Up has done for Gary. I know that he always has valued the time he served America in the military, and what he learned and experienced in serving. But he would also often speak of the painful experience of returning to a nation where he was cursed and spit at when he wore his uniform. This hurt has deepened in recent years as he observed other heroes returning from war to parades and celebrations which are featured on television and social media. He is happy for them to receive the honor they deserve, but it is such a contrast to how he and other Vietnam vets were treated.

I am thinking of the event organized at Cabela's by your organization a couple years back. The Cabela's staff and guests in the store formed a receiving line and applauded as the vets entered the store and walked to the reception room. I remember being in tears as I thought of the fact that this was the first time that Gary received a public reception such as this.

Each event that you have made possible for Gary through WNGU has been a time he thoroughly enjoyed. This last event - the fishing tourney at Lake Poinsett - was one he will never forget! He loved being with the group, learning a few things about fishing, the hospitality of the Eberts, and the comraderie that he shared in.

I am pleased to report that WNGU has helped Gary to be publicly proud of the time he served in Vietnam. Now he will wear a hat that displays "Vietnam Vet" and will stand up at concerts or memorial services where an emcee will ask for veterans of each war to stand and be acknowledged. In the past he would not do this. So thank you! Thank you for helping to erase an old hurt for this soldier.

Sincerely and gratefully, Lynne Wurgler