Letter from Co-Founder Brett Bastian

Dear Family and Friends of WNGU,

Warriors Never Give Up started in a tree stand in 2013 with a God inspired message to provide outdoor adventures for combat, deployed and service-connected disabled veterans. Although the intention in the beginning was meant to be a place for mental and physical healing, God had bigger plans for it to also include a place for spiritual healing.

This fall we will be celebrating the 6th anniversary of the God inspired volunteer nonprofit organization, Warriors Never Give Up, along with our message of hope, healing, and rediscovery for the veterans we serve. Since 2013, we have humbly served over 400 Veterans through the over 28 outdoor adventures and we have no plans for stopping.

The journey has always been about humility and giving back. It has truly been an amazing time connecting with passionate people willing to give back and support our mission to serve a purpose higher than oneself. I am humbled by the gracious giving of treasures, time and talents working toward a common goal of changing the lives of our nation’s heroes, one outdoor adventure at a time.

It’s time to start a revolution of change and set in motion a legacy of inspiring others to give back to those who have bravely defended our freedom. By continuing these acts of kindness, we can share a behavioral response of action, giving, and selflessness; all which will strengthen our sense of community, belonging, and feeling good about ourselves and the mission we serve.

Thanks for the 6 years of memories and wonderful stories. It has truly been an amazing journey beyond comprehension. May God bless you and your families along the way. I can’t wait to see what happens next. 

Brett Bastian

Co-founder, Warriors Never Give Up and the Warrior Arrow

One team. One goal, One mission.