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The Warriors Never Give Up (WNGU) mission is the inspiration behind the creation of the Warrior Arrow. The creation took place in the basement of Hunts End Outdoors Archery shop this winter following a conversation between Dustin Sperlich and Brett Bastian. Dustin is a combat veteran, Pastor, avid outdoorsman, and the owner of Hunts End Outdoors and Brett is a veteran, avid outdoorsman, and a co-founder of WNGU. The two share a common bond for the outdoors, bow hunting, and both feel that the outdoors holds a natural affinity for healing. “When Brett told me about Warriors Never Give Up, I immediately thought, ‘How can I get involved?’ which stirred the idea of the Warrior Arrow”.

Dustin understands first hand the sacrifices that our nation’s heroes make and have made as he proudly served in 2007-2008 during Operation Iraqi Freedom with the South Dakota Army National Guard. Dustin and Brett's objective for this awesome fund-raising project was simple— to inspire every bow hunter across the nation to carry the Warriors arrow in their quiver as a reminder of the blood shed by the men and women warriors who have fought for our freedom. The arrow also represents the ultimate warrior, Jesus Christ, and his ultimate sacrifice for our salvation, hope, forgiveness, and eternity.

Each Warrior Arrow comes with a Warrior Arrow certificate handcrafted by Dustin at Hunts End Outdoors meeting the specifications set by Dustin and Brett to inspire the idea of sacrifice, hope, healing, and giving back. An amazing adventure of faith, hope, renewal, change, and healing awaits all involved.

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WarriorsArrows can be requested from donations of $25 or more.

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Warriors Never Give is a God-inspired volunteer nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the lives of our nation's heroes by providing outdoor adventures for combat, deployed, and service-connected disabled. This became a natural fit for Dustin to get involved. Proceeds from the Warrior Arrow help support Warriors Never Give Up and their mission of changing the lives of our nation's heroes one outdoor adventure at a time.